Get out and vote, but don’t stop there!

Today, April 4th, Bloomington will decide who will be our Mayor for the next 4 years.

This election cycle has been a real eye opener! I have been guilty of being apathetic to local politics. I would vote for Mayor but never paid much attention to the day to day operations of the city or local politics. I didn’t read or watch the local news.  I didn’t know who the council members were or even what Ward I was in.

I still find it shocking the path my life has taken in the last 2-3 months. I have had experiences I could not have imagined before. From hanging out with Senators to getting more than one personal shout out on the local conservative “fake news” sites.

What this last few months have proven to me is, if I can step out of my comfort zone and make a difference, ANYONE can. You just have to do it. It is scary at times. It is intimidating. But we can’t leave change up to someone else.

People like Ian Bayne and Kevin Lower count on us to be apathetic. They count on us not to show up. Their views do not represent the majority and they know it. Yet they continue to wield that false pretense as a weapon to disenfranchise progressive voters.

They do not speak for this community. They do not speak for the majority.  Hell, half of them don’t even live here. They are a bunch of dusty old dinosaurs clinging desperately to their anger, isolation, and deep seeded fear of the “other”.

If (when) our candidate wins tomorrow the work is not done. Winning is not a free pass to return to apathy. We can’t go back there. We must continue to fight for what we believe.  Continue to show up for events, no matter how minute. We must continue to make sure our voices are heard. And should the opposition prevail, we will continue to hold them accountable as well.

We must stay active. We must stay informed. We must remember that our elected officials work for us, not the other way around. We love and respect this city. We love and respect the people, the culture and the diversity. We expect the same from our elected officials.

I plan to be here doing whatever I can. I hope you will be there with me.


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