Peoria Police Officers Victim Blame Student in Transgender Rights Bullying Incident

Illini Bluffs High School senior Maggie Look recently tackled the issue of transgender rights in a Contemporary U.S. Issues class she’s taking, wanting to support two close transgender friends and raise awareness about the issue. While many of her classmates responded positively to her project, a few later attacked her in profane Snapchat comments.

Perhaps even more disturbing, Look was not taken seriously by police officers when she and her parents reached out to the sheriff’s office on April 8th, 2017 to report the abuse.

“[A]ccording to Look, the two officers she talked to didn’t help. The first one told her the school project was propaganda that shouldn’t be allowed at school, the second told her the messages weren’t cyberbullying because they didn’t threaten her well-being and that she had brought the situation on herself by doing the project and being open about her sexuality.

Though McCoy didn’t confirm Look’s version of the conversations, he said “We believe an officer did make an inappropriate comment of his opinion. He’s being counseled on that. He shouldn’t have made them.”

The second officer was counseled for not filing a police report on the incident in a timely manner. Look contacted the Sheriff’s Office on April 8. The office was unable to locate a report a week later in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act.”

The Sheriff can be contacted here if you are interested in raising concern about the officers’ conduct and the missing report:

Read more about the incident from the Peoria Journal Star:


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