Immediate Action Required: Bike BloNo

This week, the Bloomington Planning Commission will be voting on whether to add Washington Street bike lanes to the Bike Master Plan. The lanes will allow cyclists and those traveling by car to safely share the road. Please take some time to read about the proposed bike lanes here: While establishing bike lanes should not be controversial–they’ve already become a successful reality in nearby Champaign-Urbana–due to a very vocal minority it has become so.

The opposition is being led by an out-of-town Tea Party blogger who believes that bike paths are part of a UN Conspiracy to strip people of personal freedoms. (I’m not kidding. You may remember that failed mayoral candidates Ian Bayne and Kevin Lower also subscribed to this conspiracy.)

Here’s what you can do now: Contact one or all of the following people to have your support of the Washington Street bike lanes project recorded. Sending an email is quick, easy, and effective.

Here’s what you can do this week: There will be several opportunities this week to show support in person.

Monday 6/12 7 p.m. is the Bloomington City Council meeting. During public comment, you can voice your support of bike lanes on Washington Street. City Council meetings are held at City Hall across from the Bloomington Public Library. It is best to keep your remarks short and sweet (e.g. “I am John Smith and I support the Washington Street bike lanes.”) The council does not respond. It isn’t a back-and-forth, it’s just getting your support on record, so don’t be intimidated.

Tuesday 6/13 4–6 p.m. is a public meeting at the McLean County History Museum in downtown Bloomington. Show support by attending and learning more about the project.

Wednesday 6/14 4–6 p.m. is a public hearing / vote at the Planning Commission meeting. This is the big one! It will be a giant setback if this vote does not go through. It is vital you show your support.

We really need a large progressive presence at each of these events. Please send an email in support of the bike lanes and try to commit to at least one of the meetings listed above. Wednesday is the decisive day;  bring a friend and the ReSisterhood will see you there!



5 Replies to “Immediate Action Required: Bike BloNo”

  1. No… keep bicyclists on sidewalks where they are safe .the drivers don’t need the added worry or stress that the 10 year old riding his bike 2 foot from traffic might fall and be ran over and die then whose at fault? The city? No… the driver will go to prison because you didn’t want bicyclists on your sidewalks…


  2. You over the hill purple haired big mouthed socialist twat needs to give it a rest. Intimidating people because they oppose your agenda is not cool and it can bite you in the ass.


    1. Whyyyyy….. that sounds like an implied threat. Are you threatening someone Eugene? Recently someone pointed out that we should be careful what we say. So I went and read the statutes and I remember something about implied threat to property or bodily harm. I am assuming that is what you mean by “bite you in the ass.” Fortunately I have never threatened anyone.


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